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Angie Gunner | Barre Fitness Professional

Angie Gunner is an American Barre Technique® Certified Master Trainer, an ISSA Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, and an RBTA-500hr Certified Barre Teacher. She has an extensive background in dance as a competitive dancer and was awarded the title of Outstanding Teen Runner Up New York City Dance Alliance, High Score Youth America Grand Prix, Top 5 Kids Artistic Revue, and USA Nationals Champion. Angie developed a passion for ballet and ran with it. She has been accepted into and attended programs with American Ballet Theatre, and traveled to the Czech Republic for an intensive program with The Ostrava Ballet. She was also invited to attend a three-year training program with the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. Angie is the creator and executive producer of the Ballet Body DVD, the total body barre workout. She is an internationally published fitness model and has graced the cover of TRAIN for HER Fitness Magazine twice, she has been featured in Women's Health and Fitness AU, Fitness Magazine SA, Inside Fitness Women, Krunch Magazine, and MAX Sports & Fitness. Angie continues to share her love of dance through fitness, striving to help others find their own joy and love. 


Angie Gunner | Millennial Barre Fitness Guru
           SELF WORTH

 In order to begin your journey in losing weight, in contouring your body, or changing your outlook on life, you MUST find self worth in yourself. 


After you are on an exercise regimen, fatigue kicks in, motives get blurry. This is when you need determination to stay clear in the mind to push you through your weak points.
Set both small and big goals to keep yourself looking forward to another stepping stone. After you reach a goal, set a new one, a bigger one, to challenge yourself. 
Once you are at a steady pace, keep going! This is when most slack off because they are "satisfied" with how they look, but not quite to their ultimate goal. Push extra hard and stay consistent! Don't miss workouts, this is when the pounds will fall off if you keep at it.
           NEVER GIVE UP
No matter what obstacle presents itself, no matter what ANYONE says to you or about you, no matter how you feel or look, no matter what you just ate or how many pounds you weigh, NEVER. GIVE. UP. 
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