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Let's Get Fit in 28 Days!

Let's Get Fit in 28 Days!

"Fit in 28 days is the online fitness program we've all been looking for!"

Getting Fit in 28 Days is the fitness program we've all been waiting for! It's conveniently created to do at-home with a guided daily schedule, perfect for all!


Do you want fast and noticeable results in just 28 days?

I can’t wait to share with you my secrets to success that I found in just 4 weeks. FIT in 28 includes 6 total body workouts, just 20 minutes per day, plus a 28-day guided calendar. All exercises are low impact, barre focused, interval training, perfect for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Program Overview: 6 Total Body Workouts | 20 Minutes Per Day | 28 Day Calendar Guide Workout focus: Strength training, core work, barre & stretching

What's Included: 1. Fit in 28-Day Guided Calendar 2. Classic Burn Workout Video 3. Total Tone Workout Video 4. Total Slim Workout Video 5. Classic Chisel Workout Video 6. Shape and Sculpt Workout Video 7. Super Slim Workout Video

Equipment needed: 1. 1 lb - 4lb dumbbells 2. stabilizer (sturdy chair, countertop, or portable barre) 3. comfort mat

Start today!

"Barre focused, interval training for just 20 minutes a day with Angie makes working out fun, rejuvenating and body transforming! I love it!" -Val

" So GREAT! Thank you for the great program! I give 5-stars for Fit in 28 Days with Angie Gunner!" -Candice

Start today!

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