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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Angie Gunner

Living a healthy lifestyle includes more than making healthy eating habits, it also includes making habitual healthy life choices to allow the body and mind to function at an optimal level. To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, I have listed 15 daily habits to follow. Cheers to health and happiness!

20 Daily Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Drink Water

Sugary drinks are a NO NO

2. Fiber is Your Friend

Add a scoop of fiber to your next protein shake for a boost in your metabolism

3. Take Your Time While Eating

Enjoy your meal while you eat it! Eating slowly allows your brain to catch up to your full stomach

4. Find a Workout That You Actually Enjoy

Make exercising something you look forward to. Find a workout or fitness class that motivates you to attend.

5. Take The Stairs

When given the option of taking the stair or the elevator, take the stairs. There's no better time to get in a quick workout than a set of stairs

6. Hold The Heavy Sauce

Ordering a salad or entree that needs a little more taste? Avoid the heavy dipping sauces and go for a lighter option for less calorie intake

7. Park A Little Further

Yes we all love getting the front row parking spot, but why? Park a little further away, your body will enjoy the extra steps

8. 2-Mile Days

Utilize a fitness tracker or smart phone health activity app to track your steps on a daily basis. Make it a goal to walk, jog, or run a collective distance of 2 miles per day

9. Convenience Compromises Your Health

I know you "don't have time," but in reality you do have the time. You've only got one body, so feed it the foods it needs, not what "your time" allows. Fast food is the fast route out of a healthy lifestyle

10. 5 Minute Meditation

Some days are rushed, others are never-ending. Each day, preferably in the morning or right before going to bed, take 5 minutes to focus on deep breathing and decompressing to release any stress

11. Don't Be Afraid To Say No

Make it a daily habit to say no to anything that does not fit into your healthy lifestyle, this is your health, it is important.

12. Cook With Olive Oil

Use Olive oil as a substitute for butter. You'll notice a "smoother" difference in your skin, and in your digestive system

13. Appreciate Yourself

Getting caught up in social media can leave you feeling unappreciative of yourself. Put the phone down, give yourself a hug, and say three things you appreciate about yourself EVERY. DAY.

14. Starting Over Is OK

Make realistic goals that you can achieve within a timely matter. If you fall short of your goal, IT IS OK. START OVER. Life goes on and so can you!

15. Live

Go on an adventure. Try something new. Go on an excursion. This is your life, it's time to start living it!

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