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Why you keep telling yourself the diet starts "tomorrow"

Tomorrow is Today. Today was Yesterday. It's time to start getting back to a healthy regimen.

Yes, it's tough to get back eating "healthy," but you already know how good your body feels when you nourish it with the nutrients it really needs. You've got to get over the dreaded first day or two and start already! The longer you push back your diet, the longer you are setting yourself back. That's extra effort you will need to spend elsewhere, like on the treadmill, which, the more set backs, the more difficult it is to begin and to stick with a balanced diet. Why your diets never last... All or Nothing

This self dictatorship, if you will, is a strategy that only allows for what one has planned to eat and nothing else. When a slip up happens and something off the planned list is eaten, it's just another failed attempt and then a binge eating spree occurs. What to do: If you are the "All or Nothing" type, I suggest planning a few add on food items that can be eaten (if necessary) to make yourself feel like you are still on track. You need to have a balanced food list that can be maintained throughout your normal daily life. If your list doesn't match your normal daily life routine, then you should consider adding a few more items to the list. Snacks, snacks, snacks Snacks can sneak up on you and expand the waistline. This eating habit during dieting can be troublesome if the wrong snacks are being consumed. Just because one only eats "a little bit" of this, and "a bite" of that, does not equal a healthy diet and can actually result in weight gain. What to do: Do your research on your snacks before you buy whatever looks appetizing. Just because it's a snack does not mean it does not need to be healthy. A snack needs to be just as balanced as a normal meal, and you should treat snacks as such. If all your snacks are carb based, you should consider picking snacks in different food groups. Snacks are sneaky because they typically only show the single serving nutrition facts, even though one package can contain up to 5 servings. For all you snackers out there, read your labels and snack in moderation. Diet means Diet Foods Do not be fooled by "Diet" labels. For those that go on a diet and stock up on all things with the label "Diet" on them, be warned. If you find yourself buying diet foods, this is the wrong way to do it, and weight will be gained by eating these processed products. You are being tricked every time you buy that "diet" product or that "zero calorie" drink. Always ask yourself this, " If it's zero calories, what the heck is in this?" Answer: chemicals and compounds that should not be in products we ingest into our bodies. What to do: Yes you may feel like you're unsure of what exactly to eat, but we both know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and that soda and chips are not. Help yourself by making a meal plan and finding good balanced meals, this will make you feel like you are on the right path. Look on blogs, or find a health book with nutritional guidance to get a start. Once you find that you are capable of making healthy choices, while also seeing through the faulty "diet" packaging, you will discover a whole new side of nutrition. We make such a fuss over dieting, when really all we need to do is eat right and our bodies will do the rest. Live Well :)

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