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The Super Salad

After a long day at the office and a great workou,t I want something that is fast, easy and doesn’t make my waistline expand.

A healthy well-balanced salad is a great option that fills you up and keeps your weight down. I like balancing my salads by adding grains and a little fat to satisfy the craving my body has after a long day.

Try my Super Salad today!

Live Healthfuly,


Super Salad Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Quinoa

  • 2 cups of packed spinach

  • ½ cup cherry tomatoes

  • ¼ cup of sliced Almonds

  • ½ of an avocado


  • 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

  • 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar

  • 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • Salt and pepper to taste.

How to Make:

  • Start Quinoa in the rice cooker or follow box directions.

  • If you are using a rice cooker rinse 1 cup of quinoa, drain, and add to the rice cooker.

  • Add 2 cups of water, press start.

  • My rice cooker is a 1:2 ratio (grains to water) for most grains, but follow the instructions on your rice cooker or if using a stove, follow the box directions as mentioned previously.

  • When done cooking let cool before adding to other salad ingredients.

  • Measure and cut spinach adding it to a large mixing salad bowl.

  • Dice and add tomatoes, and sliced almonds to the bowl, lightly incorporate.

  • In a smaller mixing bowl add in Dijon mustard, cider vinegar, oil, whisk and add salt and pepper to your taste.

  • Add a cup of cooked and cooled quinoa to the large salad bowl that has the rest of the ingredients, adding the dressing mix well.

  • Slice the avocado on the top at the end and serve.

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"Our state of wellness determines our response to any situation. Never allow the busyness of life to distract you from taking care of your wellbeing."~Lailah Gifty Akita

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