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How To Modify Your Home To Better Your Well-being

Jan 7, 2018 | by Natalie Jones

Home is where relaxation should begin: soft sheets, comfortable temperatures, healthy air quality. However, many Americans are too busy to notice that their homes just aren’t working for them in the way they should, and that’s unfortunate, because a few small changes could mean the difference between feeling run-down and feeling good.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can change your home for the better, and not all of them require tools. It’s a good idea to sit down with your family members or partner and think about a few ways your home could be a healthier, more comfortable place for everyone. Take your future needs into consideration, as well; as you grow older, will you still be able to stay mobile and safe in your home?

Once you’ve made a list of any changes you want to make, figure out the best ways to implement them for your budget. Here are a few ways to get started.

Go green

Being more eco-friendly is a great way to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint--such as implementing a low-water landscaping system--but there’s another way to go green that can help the air quality in your home: fill a few areas with plants. They don’t have to be anything fancy, especially if you don’t have much time to dedicate to their care; a few ferns or a sturdy aloe plant can add visual appeal to any space and bring some much-needed clean oxygen into your house.

Take out that carpet

Carpets may look nice, but they also trap a large amount of dust, pet dander, bacteria and allergens that can make your family sick. Even if you have them cleaned often, thick-pile carpets can hold onto all sorts of nasty things. Consider pulling it up and having hardwood or laminate installed, which will not only look beautiful and keep the air cleaner, but will also add value to your home should you decide to sell down the road.

Get a room

All to yourself, that is. If you have an unused room in your home--or one that could be converted into a music room, art studio, library, or office--make it your own and keep it off limits to everyone else. Having your own space is a great way to beat stress, which actually does have a physical effect on your body.

Check for hazards

No one wants to believe their home could be hazardous to their health, but if it’s an older house, there’s always the possibility that lead and other toxins could be lurking just beneath the surface. If your home was built before 1978, have a professional come in to check for lead and mold and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (especially if you have gas appliances).

Clean and organize

Just about everyone ends up with a little clutter or a few messes in their home, no matter how hard they try to keep things neat. When it gets out of hand, however, it can interfere with your mood, your ability to get good rest, and even your physical health. If the clutter has gotten out of control, take a weekend to go through each room and pare down. Make piles for “donate,” “sell” and “trash” and don’t be afraid to get rid of things that haven’t been used in a while. Consider having a yard or garage sale to make a few extra bucks, and organize the belongings you choose to keep. Having a clean house can help boost your mood and your confidence.

Making a few changes to your home can really make a big difference in the long run. Talk to your family about the best ways to create a healthier home. Allowing them to help make positive decisions will encourage self-confidence and even cooperation as they learn to work together.

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