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How to turn your highest fitness goals into achievements

Yes, we all have those "unattainable" fitness goals we want to reach. Those "dreams" about having six pack abs and a super toned and tight physique. Our "unimaginable" ideas of what we want to look like. Well that's the problem. The fact that we automatically assume that these fitness goals are "unattainable, unimaginable, dreams," is the exact reason why they may never become accomplished goals. The minute you change your mind's perception of what you are actually capable of, you will see that you can accomplish anything.

How do I reach my highest goal?

1. Write down your goal, very specifically and detailed, about what you want to accomplish and why.

2. Internalize​​ your goal and envision what you will look like, how it will make you feel, and why it makes you better.

3. Put in the work and give it 100%. Focus on the goal and work towards it with dedication and perseverance.

4. Track your progress and give yourself praise for each change your notice. Continue to re-read your goal and internalize it.

5. Stay positive and never give up. With hard work and a go-getter attitude, you will reach your goal. And when you do reach it, you will look back in awe of your journey and how far you have come.

As a girl that grew up being very active as a competitive dancer , to a young woman who chose to go to college over a 3-year professional ballet training program, I became very out of shape and unhealthy. Getting my dancer body back seemed unattainabl​​e and with that attitude, it was, until I decided to change my perception about myself and my capabilities. I was not only able to get my desired physique back, but was also able to discover a love for myself that has allowed me to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I utilize these 5-steps daily and it has not yet failed me. As now the founder of ANGIE GUNNER FITNESS TRAINING, I am a prime example of how to reach goals that seems unimaginable. Reach for the stars and never give up.

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