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6 Pack Starters

Want a 6 pack? You've got to work for it day in and day out. Fall and winter body preparation will make your spring and summer body superb! Try these 2 exercises every morning, before you start your day. Once you get your core strengthened, it will continue to strengthen and tighten throughout the day. Follow my sequence to see the maximum results. Put in the work and the results will show.

Live well,


Begin with bicycle crunches

How to:

  • Get in a sit up position, extend one leg straight in front of you (low to the ground)

  • Draw your opposite knee in towards your chest

  • Twist your upper body towards the knee you bring in

  • Repeat the action on the opposite side

  • **Keep your upper body lifted the entire time

Do 30 repetitions (do 50 repetitions if you are on a mission to get a 6 pack)

Right after the bicycle crunches, come into a plank

How to:

  • Come on to your forearms and feet

  • Keep your abdominals pulled in and your back domed slightly (to take the pressure off your lower back)

  • Tuck your glutes and hold in this position

Hold in the plank for 30 seconds (to start) and slowly work your way up to a 1 minute and 30 second plank hold. (you will get there, make it a goal)

Do these 2 exercises each morning and see results in your abs! Eating clean WILL do the rest of the job! Work for it! I am here to help you reach your goals and if you ever have any questions about exercise programs, clean eating, or anything fitness, contact me on the Sign Up Page.

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