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Life Hacks

Life Hacks are ways to improve one's life through small, yet effective measures. Life can be seen as a glass half full or a glass half empty. Life hacks, like the ones about to be shared, will help you discover how to see life as a glass completely full.

Perspective is the motivating push behind your outward feelings in any given situation. When you work through a situation with a positive outlook, you will find that the situation was in fact, not so bad after all. An example of this would be driving around a very busy parking lot to find the closest spot possible. Not stopping until you finally find that "front row spot," you get in a minor fender bender, and are now too late for your appointment that cannot be rescheduled for another two months. What can you do about these somewhat frequent occurences? Try these life hacks and you'll be surprised at:

a. How much time you will save yourself

b. How much healthier you will be

  • Take the stairs not the elevator (unless you're going to the 15th + floor)

  • Drink water, not soda

  • Park far, not near

  • Choose wheat bread, not white bread

  • Be kind, never angry

  • Choose the long route, the short route cuts through important sections

  • Walk the extra mile, instead of eating the extra chip bag

  • Do the sit ups, don't just think about doing them

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