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December Matters

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Hello December, we can't be more excited that you have finally arrived, but we kindly ask that you please chill out on the gingerbread cookies and the egg nog, won't you please?

Yes December is the last month of the calendar year, and yes, new year resolutions begin in January, but why set yourself back one month, when you can stay on track? December matters to your life, to your health, and to your soon-to-arrive 2016 New Year Resolution. One of my secret keys to staying in shape is to never get "set back" by a holiday or season. I look at December as a month of opportunities to try winter activities that I normally would not have the chance to take part in, like skiing, playing in the snow, and ice-skating.

Looking at December as an active month rather than a sedentary month will shift your perception on how you should participate in your day-to-day routines. What I mean by this is, when you perceive December as a sedentary month, you will subconsciously choose unhealthy options like eating the staff pizza for lunch, overloading on cookies for dessert, skipping out on the gym, etc. Take this month to make new active memories that you'll never forget. And remember, no one will look back and reflect upon how great of a cookie they ate for generations to come, they will remember what an amazing time they had being outside in the snow learning a new sport.

Live Well,

Angie Gunner

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