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Supplements: Yay or Nay?

Supplements have been used by individuals inside and outside the fitness realm for a number of reasons. Many use supplements to assist in reaching a healthier mental and physical state, while others use supplements to boost physical apperance.

It is true to say that most of us don't get all the nutrition our bodies need from the foods we eat, thus making the proper supplements necessary to take. So the question remains, what supplements are good to take? With so many supplements out on the market, it is hard to find the best, most balanced products that contain natural ingredients the body can properly absorb. I have tested and tried many brands of supplements, protein bars, and shakes and have finally come across a brand I will stand by.

If you are looking for protein bars, workout shakes, or health supplements, purchase your products from IDLife

IDLife products are made with natural ingredients, are scientifically formulated, are pure and free of any pesticides, herbicides, and any chemical contaminants, and most importantly, taste amazing!

Angie's IDLife Favorite Picks:

1. HerBar (Protein Bar/Snack Bar)

"I thought I was eating a candy bar! This dark chocolate protein bar is my go-to snack after teaching a class to give my body the nutrients it needs when I don't have time to eat a full meal. It fills me up, but doesn't make me feel stuffed like all the other protein bars."

2. HYDRATE Fruit Punch (Body Hydration Mix/Water Additive)

"When I'm working out a lot, it is critical to stay hydrated, and with the HYDRATE mix, it gives me the extra punch to stay hydrated when I haven't had enough water. I highly recommend this product to all, it's a must have."

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