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10 Minutes to Tighten Up

Woke up late, missed the zumba class, don’t have time to pick out a workout outfit and can’t hit the gym for an hour? Try my 10 minute tighten up exercise workout to keep you on track. You may not get in an hour’s worth, but your heart rate will go up, calories will be burned, and your body will feel tight and toned!

Live Well,


#1 Full Body

What you’ll need: (1) 2-7 pound weight

How to:

  • Take the weight and hold in both hands up overhead

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width

  • Lunge to the right and bring the weight down to the outside of your right foot

  • Come back up in the center, and raise the weight back up overhead

  • Lunge to the left and bring the weight down to the outside of your left foot

  • Come back up in the center

  • Repeat for 10 repetitions

#2 Arms and Legs

What you’ll need: (2) 2-5 pound weights

How to:

  • Stand with your feet wide and bend your knees

  • Take both weights overhead with your elbows pointed forward

  • Bend your lower arms, keeping your upper arms still to work the back of your arms

  • Each time you bend your arms, bend your knees 2 inches

  • Straighten your arms back up overhead

  • As you straighten your arms, straighten your legs

  • Repeat this action 15-20 repetitions

#3 Abs

What you'll need: a soft surface (like a carpet or a yoga mat)

How to:

  • Lay Flat on your back with your arms and legs out straight

  • In a 90 degree angle movement pull your arms and legs in towards your abdominals as you "crunch" upwards

  • Lower back down and extend your arms and legs back to straight

  • Repeat this action 15-20 repetitions

#4 Glutes

What you’ll need: a soft surface (like carpet or a yoga mat)

How to:

  • Come onto your hands and feet on the mat or carpet

  • Point your right foot straight behind you on the ground and raise it up high

  • Keep your leg up high and do little pulses with your leg

  • Repeat this action 30-60 repetitions

Visit my blog every week for workout exercises, health tips, motivational stories and more! ~Angie Gunner

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J.D'Angelo

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